Over 140 employers have joined the Diversity Charter

Today, on April 21, 10 Estonian organisations join the Diversity Charter. Audit Advisory, Breakwater Technology, Circle K, DesignTours, Fujitsu, GoodNews, Kliimamarket, Estonian Aviation Academy, Maxima and International House Tartu confirm their commitment. Together with the new entrants, the Diversity Charter network has already 146 employers, who are brought together by a common interest in success achieved with people-centred management, a work culture that respects diversity, innovative ideas and diverse experiences.

The Diversity Charter is a voluntary agreement by which a company, non-governmental organisation or public sector organisation confirms that it respects the diversity of people and values ​​the principle of equal treatment among its employees, customers and partners.

“Breakwater loves multiculturalism, cares about people’s well-being, internal justice and equal treatment,” said Kristina Sisin, HR manager at Breakwater Technology, a technology company with employees from nearly 20 different nationalities. According to Sisin, joining the diversity agreement is a sign that the company has taken the issues of diversity and inclusion as a matter of the heart and it will ensure a safe work environment for its employees.

By creating a work environment that takes differences into account, organisations that are part of the Diversity Charter also contribute to a society where everyone could feel good. According to Piret Kase, HR Director of Circle K Eesti AS, caring for people and respecting them is one of their core values. “Our staff should reflect a cross-section of society, which is why it is important for us to value and respect people with different backgrounds, qualities, mindsets, looks, and experiences so that together we can create the best work environment and customer experience at our service stations.”

The organisations in different fields that have joined the agreement form a network to share their experiences of diversity management and to promote equal treatment in society. “The Estonian Aviation Academy is taking its first major steps towards internationalisation, and we want our current and future colleagues and students to understand that they are supported and valued by us. Being the first professional higher education institution to join the diversity agreement, we hope to set a good example for other higher education institutions as well,” said Koit Kaskel, Rector of the Estonian Aviation Academy.

Today’s accession event will take place for the first time fully online, and everyone interested in topics of diversity is welcome to participate. Kristiina Lõhmus and May-Liis Musting will share inspiration and practical examples from SEB Estonia‘s journey of diversity and inclusion. SEB has also been recognised with “Diverse Workplace label“.

The Diversity Charter started in Estonia in 2012 and similar diversity networks operate in 26 European countries. In Estonia, the activities related to the agreement are coordinated by the Estonian Human Rights Centre.

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