20 More Organizations Sign the Diversity Charter

Today, 20 new organizations signed the Diversity Charter. By signing the Charter, these organizations publicly affirm their respect for human diversity and commitment to the principle of equal treatment for their employees, partners, and clients. The Estonian Human Rights Centre coordinates the activities of the network, with support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

“The Diversity Charter has grown increasingly popular each year, attracting many of Estonia’s most interesting companies, institutions, and organizations. It is heartening to see that workplace diversity is valued by businesses and employees across various sectors,” said Katrin Nyman-Metcalf, Chair of the Board of the Estonian Human Rights Centre.

The list of signatories is diverse, including representatives from both the public and private sectors. The new members are Cachet, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Scoro Software, National Institute for Health Development, Tietoevry Tech Services Estonia, Tietoevry Fintech Estonia, Stoneridge Electronics, SMARTFUL Growth, Estonian Business School, Orkla Estonia, Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB Estonian Branch, Integration Foundation, Saku Brewery, Valio Estonia, Tallinna Vesi, Ensto Estonia, Trimtex Baltic OÜ, and the Center of Anthropology. Additionally, two ministries signed the agreement: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, which promotes diversity at the national level.

“As a national leader in promoting equal opportunities, gender equality, and diversity, it is natural and essential for us to act according to these values and goals as an employer. We see joining the Diversity Charter as an excellent opportunity to enhance our knowledge and exchange experiences with other organizations. We are also proud to be among the network’s members, serving as a role model in the field of diversity for other employers,” said Ahti Kuningas, Secretary General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Helen Talalaev, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at the Estonian Human Rights Centre, stated that the member organizations form a community where experiences are shared and efforts are made to promote equal treatment within their organizations and society at large. To date, 218 organizations have joined the Diversity Charter.

The Estonian Diversity Charter is part of the European Diversity Platform, which includes similar networks in 26 European countries. In Estonia, the Charter has been signed since 2012.

For more information: Helen Talalaev, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at the Estonian Human Rights Centre (helen.talalaev@humanrights.ee)

The activities of Diversity Month are co-financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the European Union.

Photos: Aron Urb

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