Let’s build an Estonia of mutual respect for all!

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Yoko and Jim love their environmentally-friendly T-shirts. Buy one for
yourself and promote the cause of human rights in Estonia.

The Estonian Human Rights Centre (EHRC) has joined forces with Reet Aus,
producer of the T-shirt with world’s smallest environmental footprint.
Together they have produced a shirt, the proceeds of which contribute to
the advance of human rights in Estonia. Among other things, this shirt
features the design language that has carried the Diversity Enriches campaign for years.

As EHRC Executive Director Egert Rünne puts it: By proudly donning your
EHRC shirt, you’re expressing that a tolerant and diverse community in
Estonia is important to you.

Sizes available for women: XS, S, M, L
Sizes available for men: S, M, L, XL

There are several ways to procure your EIK shirt:
a) Contact us via email: info@humanrights.ee and  come visit our office in the Tallinn City Center, 10.00-17.00 Monday through Friday. Here you can try on the shirt in person, and the cost is 35 €.
c) Become a donor https://anneta.humanrights/ to the Estonian Human
Rights Centre for at least 20 € per month or make a one-time donation of 60
€ or more, and receive a shirt for free as a thank-you gift. Be sure to
mark your e-mail address; we’ll use it to get in contact with you.

*Our shirts are available for a limited time and in limited quantities; act
now to secure the right size!*

Additional information available at +372 644 5148 or at info@humanrights.ee.

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