Show that you care about human rights! By donating to the Human Rights Centre this summer, you will:

* help pay the rent for our humble office space until the end of the year, so we could continue our work

* contribute to compiling and publishing the „Human Rights In Estonia 2016-2017“ report

Since 95% of our income is project-based, we are not always able to use that funding to cover everyday costs like the rent for our office space. This semester we’re short ca. 500 euros per month. Pitch in and help change Estonia for the better.

The Human Rights Report is one of our main projects, but publishing it using funding from the government could compromise its independence (or its perception as an independent report). Last year we were not able to publish the report due to lack of funds, which means it’s even more crucial that we succeed this year.

Do your part to protect human rights: help us get to our goal of 6000 euros this summer.

We do a lot and make big impact: we help to insure human rights for many Estonian people in many different ways. Give us a hand!

Estonian Human Rights Centre is the competent, accountable and impactful independent human rights organisation in Estonia. Your regular or one-time donation helps to stand up for human rights everywhere: in courts, in the media, in schools, in the workplace, on the streets and in governmental venues.

Donating is easy, and you can use your credit card if donating from abroad.

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You can also make a recurring donation manually:

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