I am Lana. Since arriving in Estonia I have been a volunteer in the Human Rights Centre. I have been a volunteer in various countries and the Estonian Human Rights Centre has been the most active and hard-working organisation of them. Everybody can find free time if they believe in what they invest their time in.


The Estonian Human Rights Centre is for me a good example of how an NGO should work. As a group, they also constitute a very good team with whom to cooperate. Everything is completed here and this is the best compensation for voluntary work.

As a volunteer, you can contribute to the protection of human rights in Estonia, stand up for the values that are important for you and society, and gain invaluable experience and knowledge. We are particularly expecting people who can help us in:

  • organising financial issues;
  • translation and interpretation;
  • IT and design work;
  • collecting donations;
  • conducting surveys;
  • organising communication.

Send us your CV and a brief story of how you could be of use. We will contact you within a week.

The Estonian Human Rights Centre is a contractual partner of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.