From Cultural Conflict to Innovation: Embracing and Celebrating Diversity

How have companies operating in Estonia been able to transform cultural conflicts into a value that leads to innovation? Is recognizing, valuing, and considering diversity a matter of fashion or identity for employers? What books should one read to develop empathy towards other cultures? The Estonian Human Rights Centre invites you to celebrate Diversity Month by offering possible answers to these questions, encouraging you to think along and participate.

The focus of Diversity Month 2024 is cultural diversity. “Every year, May is dedicated to diversity in Europe. In Estonia, the year 2024 has been declared the Year of Cultural Richness by the Ministry of Culture, led by the Human Rights Centre’s decision to combine these valuable initiatives by dedicating May to cultural diversity,” says Helen Talalaev, head of diversity and inclusion at EHRC and the leader of Diversity Month.

On May 8, EHRC organizes a conference primarily aimed at employers titled “From Cultural Conflict to Innovation,” where experiences from culturally diverse work environments will be shared by Bolt’s Head of Global Mobility Liis Valdsalu, Rimi’s HR manager Jaanika Raudam, MoveMyTalent founder Laura Sildmäe, and Interconnect Product Assembly HR manager Kristi Unga. There are other activities for employers during Diversity Month: on May 8, new signatories will join the diversity agreement, and on May 29, awards recognizing diverse employers, “Respecting Differences,” will be presented.

Various organizations across Estonia have been celebrating diversity since 2016. For employers who would like to start this tradition but are not sure where to begin, we happily offer a helping hand. Check out the valuable principles to keep in mind when organizing events dedicated to diversity, share a diversity-focused quiz with your employees in Estonian, English, or Russian, and download bingos in Estonian, Russian, or English about the work environment and everyday life!

Year by year, more organizations, such as youth centers and libraries, interpret diversity as a value. Celebrate by picking up a book from your local library that opens up the diversity of the world! Find the inspiration list (in Estonian) compiled by the employees and friends of the Human Rights Centre here. Wishing everyone an eye-opening Diversity Month!

Contact and additional information: Helen Talalaev, head of diversity and inclusion at the Estonian Human Rights Centre (

The activities of Diversity Month are co-financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the European Union.

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