About us

Estonian Human Rights Centre is an independent non-governmental human rights advocacy organisation. EHRC was founded in December 2009. EHRC has quickly developed to be the most well-known human rights NGO in Estonia.

The mission of EHRC is to work together for Estonia that respects the human rights of each person.

By 2020, Estonian Human Rights Centre is the influential and competent leader of Estonian non-governmental human rights movement.

EHRC develops its activities according to the needs of the society. Our focus is currently on the advancement of equal treatment of minority groups and diversity & inclusion and the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees. EHRC coordinates the Estonian Diversity Charter. We also monitor the overall human rights situation in Estonia and publish bi-annual independent human rights reports about the situation in Estonia. We are NGO partner for UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) in Estonia.

EHRC is governed by an independent Council, representing a range of views and societal groups. The Council sets a long term strategy for the EHRC and fulfils other statutory duties such as confirmation of the yearly financial statements. The daily work of the EHRC is managed by Executive Director. See more…

See also the Articles of Association (PDF) and Certificate of Registration (PDF).

Our people

Long-term goals are set and oversight is provided by our Supervisory Council. We work on a continuous basis with the following experts: Merle AlbrantKadi ViikMarianne Meiorg. We also work with a number of volunteers. Accounting services are provided by Ernst & Young Baltic AS.

Networks and memberships

EHRC is a full member of the following international networks:

EHRC has special consultative status at the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). This enables us to submit written statements to and participate at events of different United Nations bodies, including the Human Rights Council. Read more…

Estonian Human Rights Centre is also registered in the Fundamental Rights Platform of the European Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRP).

EHRC belongs to the following Estonian NGO networks:

EHRC has strategic partnership agreement with Tallinn University of Technology.