Diversity Charter

By signing the Estonian Diversity Charter, the organisation – the company, NGO, or public body – voluntarily commits to promote diversity and equal opportunities among their employees, partners, as well as clients. The organisations that have signed the Charter form a community in order to mutually share experience and promote equal treatment both in their own organisation and in the society. In addition to the Charter signing events held twice a year, the members share experience at meetings and workshops, and organise Diversity Day together.


Text of the Estonian Diversity Charter

With consideration for the diversity of Estonian society aware of the importance to the success of companies of taking diversity into consideration, including in the promotion of innovation and creativity, in finding new and a more diverse range of clients and business partners and in reacting rapidly to changes; and bearing in mind that in accordance with the constitution and other laws all forms of discrimination are prohibited,

We have agreed on the following:

  1. within our company we shall value mutual respect, diversity and the principle of equal treatment;
  2. in the management of the company we shall place emphasis on consideration for diversity, ensuring that this is reflected in every aspect of the company’s operations;
  3. we shall pursue a staffing policy which ensures the optimum use and equal treatment of all employees, eschewing discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnic background, skin colour, age, disability, sexual orientation and religious or political views;
  4. we shall work to ensure that the diversity of Estonian society is reflected in our workforce;
  5. we shall defend our staff against discrimination;
  6. we shall inform our staff of their rights and obligations in implementing the principle of equal treatment;
  7. we shall create opportunities for staff and clients to better understand the need for and benefits of the principle of equal treatment and ensure that cases of discrimination are resolved impartially and effectively;
  8. we shall draft and regularly update an action plan for the promotion of the principle of equal treatment and for consideration of diversity which shall incorporate measurable performance indicators and in the drafting and implementation of which all staff shall be included;
  9. we shall continuously monitor progress in the achievement of the objectives set out in this charter; and
  10. we shall inform our staff, our clients and the public of other companies and institutions that have signed up to the charter and of success in fulfilling its objectives.