Diverse Workplace Label

Does your company or organisation value every employee and client irrespective of their background? Does the promotion of diversity and inclusion hold an important place among the values of your organisation?

If yes, the organisation may qualify for obtaining a diversity label.

A diversity label is a quality label that indicates that the company is an attractive employer that is looking for talent to commence work, irrespective of their gender or background. This also sends a values-based message to clients and cooperation partners that the company cares about Estonia and the world and makes its contribution to making it a better place.

The label is administered by the Estonian Human Rights Centre, which is the coordinator of the Estonian Diversity Charter, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

We offer support free of charge for applying for the label

  1. Counselling free of charge (in a limited volume):
  • We have trained diversity counsellors who can counsel and, if necessary, audit the diversity situation in your organisation and, based on that, draw up a diversity plan for you.
  1. Training events free of charge:
  • About diversity management for a public sector employer
  • What is a diversity plan? Why and how to make it work for your benefit?
  • Training in discrimination disputes