32 employers have been awarded with the Diverse Workplace quality label

On Wednesday, September 16th the Estonian Human Rights Centre and the Ministry of Social Affairs recognised 32 employers with the Diverse Workplace quality label. These employers have focused on promoting diversity and inclusion in their organisations. Telia EestiADM InteractivePipedriveIPF DigitalSOL BalticsVIA 3LVabaühenduste Liit (Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organisations)Playtech EstoniaEllex RaidlaPrisma PeremarketNordea Bank Abp Estonia BranchCreditstar GroupVanalinna Ehitus, Enics Eesti and Töötukassa (The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund) received recognition for the first time. Diverse workplace labels were given out at a recognition event at Fotografiska by Tanel Kiik, Minister of Social Affairs, who emphasised in his speech that organisations that respect differences and consistently deal with diversity help to create a more cohesive society.

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The diverse workplace labels were presented by Minister of Social Affairs, Tanel Kiik

Diversity management has become increasingly important in the Estonian work landscape, and organisations that consciously deal with it are more successful, innovative and adapt to change faster. Diverse Workplace lable is a label for an employer who respects equal treatment and an inclusive organisational culture, and whose meaningful work in managing diversity is exemplary for others. “At ADM, we are always people-oriented and we consider it important to really care about all employees, because every individual is valuable. This is what makes us strong as an organisation,” said Sigrid Pedak, HR Manager at ADM Interactive, which was recognised with the label for the first time.

According to Pedak, the company also considers the recognition to be a kind of quality indicator, which shows the organisation’s commitment to supporting diversity and thus also to creating a better working environment and society. “These are important values ​​that every forward thinking company and institution must adhere to,” Pedak confirmed.

According to Kristiina Palm, the human resources manager and employer co-operation adviser at Eesti Töötukassa, the diversity label provides an opportunity to draw even more attention to the fact that the world around us becomes much more varied if we can notice, understand and accept people’s different needs. “We all gain from valuing differences – both in work and everyday life,” said Palm. Töötukassa also received the diveristy label for the first time.

Diverse Workplace label is issued by the Estonian Human Rights Centre and has been initiated by the Ministry of Social Affairs. The label is valid for two years and this year it was issued for the second time. The recognition event also celebrated all the organisations that received the label in 2018 and extended it for the next 2-year period. Among them Swedbank, Kaubamaja and Häirekeskus.

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32 employers have already been awarded with the diversity label

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