Diversity Day and new members of the Diversity Charter

On April 19 Diversity Day was celebrated across Estonia. Diversity Day is aimed at highlighting and honouring the importance and uniqueness of every individual in companies and organizations and in society in general. All employers, organizations, and individuals can take part in celebrating the values of diversity by holding an event at their company or organization.

Diversity Day photo booth in Tallinn.

While different organisations celebrated Diversity Day by organizing events* and raising awareness of their employees, clients or members, activities were also planned for the general public. As the main organiser of Diversity Day, Estonian Human Rights Center (EHRC) invited everyone to thematic photo booths in Tallinn and Tartu, which were open throughout the day and offered an opportunity to take a cheerful photo of oneself alone, with colleagues, friends, family or even pets.

All the photos shared with #mitmekesisus (diversity) publicly on Facebook or Instagram this day participated in a prize draw. The prizes were put out by our good partners who are also members of the Diversity Charter: Kõue Manor, Sokos Hotel Viru, Nordic Hotel Forum, Kaubamaja and Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Center.

Diversity Day at culture society Raduga in Pärnu.

As part of the public program of Diversity Day, a special screening of the Oscar-winning drama “Moonlight” (2016) was held at Artis cinema in Tallinn. The screening started with an interesting introduction by Kristel Rannaääre, the executive director of Estonian LGBT Association.

Diversity Day was also the day when we welcomed new members to the Estonian Diversity Charter. The event took place at the Tallinn Botanical Garden where professor Anu Realo (Tartu University/Warwick University) gave a lecture which gave an interesting overview of Estonians’ values and their change over the past 25 years. Follwing the lecture, representatives of the new members signed the Diversity Charter. The new members include Labour Inspectorates, Prisma Peremarket, Kuldliiga MTÜ, beauty salon Beautiq, Mäluabi OÜ, Havi Logistics OÜ, and sports club Meduus.

In Estonia, over 80 different organisations have agreed to the principles which declare mutual respect, equal treatment, considering the differences in individuals, and protection against discrimination. The Estonian Diversity Charter is coordinated by EHRC.

*link to page in Estonian

See photos of the Diversity Charter event here.

Diversity Day 2017 on Facebook.

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