Diversity Day

Diversity Day is aimed at highlighting and honouring the importance and uniqueness of every individual in companies and organizations and in society in general. All employers, organizations, and individuals can take part in celebrating the values of diversity by holding an event at their company or organization.

All companies and organizations operating in Estonia are welcome to join in and organize events that celebrate diversity. Employers play an important role in standing up for equal treatment principles and spreading the message of equal rights to their employees, clients and partners in cooperation. As the main organizers, we hope that many committed employers will throw their weight behind making this day a success. Activities related to diversity can also be held in youth centres, theatres, schools, cinemas, universities, clubs and even groups of friends!

In previous years, cinemas have held special screenings, the Tallinn Department Store group of companies has released a special message and added a greeting on the theme to all cash register receipts, the law offices of LMP offered free legal counsel  to victims of work-related discrimination, Manpower’s entire staff visited a public flower installation, held a seminar and covered the day’s values in their blog. The Unemployment Insurance Fund had a tasting of ethnic foods, tried getting by in a wheelchair and saw what life was like for the visually impaired, read about these activities here.

Ideas for marking Diversity Day in your company or organization.

Some examples of activities: speeches, discussions, seminars, workshops on the topic of diversity. Photo competition for employees, students and partners on the topic of diversity, thematic quiz or film viewing. Cooking different ethnic foods or a more diverse than usual menu at the office canteen. Holding a diversity-themed morning information briefing or seminar for cooperation partners. Training on the topic of equal treatment, diversity and human rights. Last year, blind massage therapists and Latin American dance instructors were invited to companies. One organization invited other tenants in their office building to a communal lunch to discuss the topic of diversity. Don’t hesitate to invite speakers and experts in the field! We would be glad to provide suggestions on the topic of experts, films, games and speakers – just write to: helen.talalaev@humanrights.ee

Logos and other graphic elements for Diversity Day

The logo for Diversity Day, which you can freely use in releases, materials, printed matter, social media and on other channels:




All of the graphic elements for the day can be found on Google Drive here. In this link, you’ll find:

  • the Diversity Day logo in three languages (Estonian, Russian and English) and in different formats (including vector)
  • The FB cover photo, posters etc

You can use the day’s logos freely in communication and on keepsakes without needing to ask for permission. Keep in mind however that the logo can be used only in a context related to the day and in line with good practices.

If you should have any questions about the Diversity Day visuals or have special requests, please write to: helen.talalaev@humanrights.ee