Eleven New Organizations Join the Diversity Charter

Yesterday, eleven new organizations signed the Diversity Charter. By joining, they affirm their respect for people’s diversity and commitment to the principle of equal treatment among their employees, partners, and clients. The new signatories include Tallinn University of Technology, Balti Spoon OÜ, BB Finance, CMA CGM Estonia, ERGO Insurance SE, ERGO Life Insurance SE Eesti Filiaal, KPMS, Nabuminds OÜ, Rail Baltic Estonia, Solita Eesti, and the Commissioner for Gender Equality and Equal Treatment.

A study conducted this year by employer branding agency Instar reveals that employers who value diversity and equal treatment are increasingly attractive to workers. In 2010, the most important factor for workers was interesting and developmental work content, with equal treatment ranking fourth. However, this year, respondents identified equal treatment as the most important of the 50 factors offered.

The list of signatories to this Charter is also diverse, including representatives from both the public and private sectors, ranging from educational institutions to manufacturing companies. A total of 3,175 people work at the organizations that joined the agreement yesterday.

“For Tallinn University of Technology, it is very important that our students and employees feel good and welcome. Diversity and inclusion are values that the university has carried for decades, and joining the diversity agreement allows us to publicly express our support for this issue,” said Tallinn University of Technology Chancellor Tea Trahov.

Helena Jõerand-Konsap, Head of HR and Administration at ERGO Estonia, sees engagement with diversity as an investment in the company’s future: “Insurance is a people-centric field. Daily respect for differences and creating equal opportunities is crucial. If our people don’t feel good about themselves as they are, the company can’t be successful in the long term. Only a happy and satisfied employee can provide excellent service to our clients.”

Helina Peet, Head of People and Culture at Balti Spoon OÜ, adds: “We believe that engaging with diversity and inclusion benefits both our company and society at large. By joining the diversity agreement, we commit to daily dedication and the opportunity to share Balti Spoon’s good examples and solutions. We are proud to be part of a community of companies that consciously contributes to creating a diverse and multifaceted workplace!”

By signing the Diversity Charter companies, non-profits, or public sector organizations voluntarily commit to respecting people’s diversity and value the principle of equal treatment among their employees, partners, and clients. With 198 organizations having joined to date, they form a community to share experiences and promote the topic of equal treatment both within their organizations and in society at large.

The Estonian Diversity Charter is part of the European diversity platform, which brings together similar networks in 26 European countries. In Estonia, the Charter has been signed since 2012. The network’s activities are coordinated by the Estonian Human Rights Centre and supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Contact: Helen Talalaev, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at the Estonian Human Rights Centre (helen.talalaev@humanrights.ee).

Photo credits: Aron Urb


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