During Diversity Month, We Build Bridges

May is Diversity Month across Europe. In Estonia, we also celebrate Diversity Day on May 10. This year, the main event of Diversity Month is an exhibition focusing on people in all their diversity. We invite you to participate in the exhibition by sharing your story. In addition, we encourage all companies, organisations, collectives and friend groups to join us in celebrating Diversity Month in one way or another.

Different or similar? Share your experience!

When talking about diversity, the first thing that comes to mind is differences – how different people are. This year we have decided to change the focus of Diversity Month – let’s find the similarities! Because many different people also have them. A similar experience creates a common ground or a bridge through which we can reach each other. Because we believe that stories, empathy and human experiences help to build bridges, this year we will collect stories about being different, belonging, being alone, and being left out. If you have a story that you would like to share with others, please do so here (link). We will show the collected stories in public spaces, media and social media during the month of May.

How else can I participate?

We invite everyone who sees diversity as a value and a resource to participate in various activities. Diversity Month is celebrated by more than 180 companies, public sector organisations and non-governmental organisations from all over Estonia that belong to the diversity network, organising various events that pay attention to the valuing of diversity and equality in the working environment. We also invite all other organisations to celebrate Diversity Month. Whether it is a restaurant, youth centre, theatre, school, cinema, university, club or group of friends – get involved! Read more about what principles should be followed when organising an event that values diversity (link).

Get inspired!

It is easiest to step into another person’s shoes when you hear their story. It is especially simple and powerful when the story happens to be well told. Here you will find a small list of books (link) that will inspire you to think about diversity. If you feel that an important book is missing from the list, report it here (link).

Diversity Month is a pan-European initiative led by the European Commission and the Estonian Human Rights Centre in Estonia. Read more about diversity days and months so far (link).

To find common ground and discuss cooperation, contact:
Helen Talalaev, helen.talalaev@humanrights.ee
Joosep Nahkor, joosep.nahkor@humanrights.ee

Since you are here...

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