Once again, we are celebrating European Diversity Month in May; Diversity Day will be held on May 11th

In May, Diversity Month is celebrated all over Europe, and in Estonia, the culmination of the month happens on May 11th as Diversity Day. Get involved, and let’s celebrate everything that makes us unique and unites us!

Diversity Month provides an excellent opportunity to highlight the importance and uniqueness of each person in the work environment, in local communities and society in general. This year’s European Diversity Month theme is “building bridges”, focusing on finding common ground between people and communities. Notice them with us because different experiences, perspectives, and knowledge complement each other and bring us together – everyone’s contribution matters!

As part of Diversity Day and Month, everyone is welcome to do something diverse in their company, organisation, school, youth centre, or community. Everyone can get involved in celebrating diversity! By organising discussions and workshops or photo competitions, games and quizzes with colleagues and friends, you can share the joy of diversity, learn something new and have a great experience.

What to organise and how to proceed?

Get ideas, download cool visuals from the Human Rights Centre website, and sign up for the Facebook event. See the European Commission’s ideas and guidelines for celebrating European Diversity month.

If you have a fun idea about how to celebrate Diversity Day or Month with colleagues, friends or acquaintances, be sure to write down your venture on the European Diversity Month page – this will create a very diverse map of Europe in May!

The celebration of Diversity Day in Estonia started with the diversity charter‘s leaders’ and the network’s initiative. This is the eighth year of Diversity Day and the second year of European Diversity Month. Diversity Month is run by the European Commission, and dozens of European countries have joined the celebration.

Also, check out the EU Equality Commissioner Helena Dalli’s video for European Diversity Month.

The Ministry of Social Affairs supports the activities of the Estonian Human Rights Centre in the field of diversity and inclusion. The activities of the European Diversity Month in Estonia are co-financed by the European Commission.

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