Europe celebrates Diversity Month in May

May is the European Diversity Month, and dozens of European countries will join together in celebrating the occasion. In Estonia, the month culminates on 12th May, Diversity Day.

The aim of the European Diversity Month is to increase awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the EU, not only just in the working environment, but in society as a whole. Special attention is paid to the achievements of employers in promoting diversity and creating an environment where everyone is treated equally. This year, the focus of the European Diversity Month is on ethnic diversity, and the related prejudice and challenges.

“Let’s all take a bolder stand for diversity and act about it. Let’s show our commitment to equality and this May 2021 celebrate the European Diversity Month together. With more diverse workplaces, we will create a fairer and more equal Europe for all.” – Helena Dalli, EU Commissioner for Equality

The European Commission, which leads the European Diversity Month, calls upon all organisations to celebrate Diversity Month, in order to create an equal and inclusive environment together. There are endless possibilities to celebrate the month and to present the diversity in an organisation – from virtual workshops and cooperation with experts or NGOs, to campaigns on social media. Check out additional information on the website of European Diversity Month and register your activity HERE!

You can also watch the video address by Helena Dalli, EU Commissioner for Equality.

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