Come and introduce your diversity activites at an international conference!

As a part of the Estonian Presidency, the „Diversity and Leadership in a World in Flux“ conference will be held in Tallinn on Novermber 6 – 7. It will bring together chief executives from businesses all over the world as well as politicians, academics, and practicioners in the areas of diversity and leadership. This European conference will be the 8th of its kind, having focused on the connection between diversity and business profits, the needs of the labour market, the aging of Europe, avoiding discrimination, the role of the public sector in improving diversity and inclusion, and many other subjects in previous years.

The conference to be held in Tallinn is organised by the European Commission, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Estonian Human Rights Centre, and the European diversity agreements. Read more…

On the second day of the conference, November 7 at 11:00, a fair of ideas and experiences will be held as a part of the program. It will feature many businesses, organisations, and representatives of the public sector from many different European countries who will introduce their practices, experiences, services, policies, and events that they have held to promote diversity and inclusion, and showcase new manuals, recruitment apps and good workplace practices. All Estonian enterprises and organisations are also very welcome to join!

Have you done something cool that has led to more diversity in your business or organisation? Maybe you’ve been paying more attention to a minority group both as potential employees as well as customers? Or maybe your focus is recruiting from abroad, so you’ve steps to improve the work environment?

Don’t be shy, let us know of all these things, so we could discuss your possibilities of sharing your experiences with your European colleagues. Participation is free.

Additional information:
Kelly Grossthal
Estonian Human Rights Centre/Diversity agreement
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