Take Your Organization to the Next Level: Apply for Diverse Workplace Label!

We invite all ambitious and caring companies, public sector organizations, and NGOs to apply for the diverse workplace label ‘Respecting Differences’. The label is a recognition and also a development opportunity for all Estonian employers who value diversity and strive to create an inclusive working environment. The application deadline is March 19th.

What does obtaining the label give to an employer?

Helen Talalaev, the head of diversity and inclusion at the Estonian Human Rights Center EHRC) notes that while in 2010, based on a study of students’ job expectations and employer reputation conducted by the employer branding agency Instar, the most important thing for employees was interesting and developing job content and equal treatment only came fourth, this year respondents named equal treatment as the most important out of 50 suggested factors.”All Estonian organizations that value their employees, regardless of their differences and peculiarities, can apply for the ‘Respecting Differences’ label,” says Talalaev. “In addition to confirming to the employee, customer, and partners that the organization is modern, caring about Estonia and the world, it offers opportunities to take the organization’s work culture to a new level. For this purpose, we offer diverse support to the applicants and organizations that have received the label, ranging from consultation to various trainings.”

Electronics company GPV Estonia received the label two years ago and plans to extend it. According to the company’s HR manager Gaile Viljari, it reflects the entire company’s work culture: “Engaging employees and raising awareness helps prevent discrimination and increase employee satisfaction. This is not a one-time project, but continuous work that must be supported by the company’s management culture.”

Kristi Kuningas, head of the HR department at the University of Tartu, acknowledges that although the university has been dealing with equal treatment issues for years, the label helped them better understand and plan their activities.

How to get the ‘Respecting Differences’ label?

As a prerequisite for applying for the recognition, the principles of diversity, inclusion, and equal treatment must be prominently featured in the values of the company or institution. You can find the application conditions on the Estonian Human Rights Centre’s website. The final deadline for submitting documents is March 19th.

The topics we especially recommend applicants to focus on this year are

  • measuring and reducing the gender pay gap,
  • a system for reporting and resolving discrimination complaints, and
  • setting goals and measuring results for diversity and inclusion activities.

The labels will be awarded in the spring of 2024 and are valid for two years.The “Respect for Diversity” label is issued by the Estonian Human Rights Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. The first labels were issued in 2018, and today 49 employers have the label.

Additional information: Helen Talalaev, head of diversity and inclusion at the Estonian Human Rights Centre (helen.talalaev@humanrights.ee).

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