Employers to be awarded ‘Diverse workplace’ labels

Today, 15 September, the Estonian Human Rights Centre will be awarding the ‘Diverse workplace’ quality label to 49 employers for the promotion of diversity and inclusion in their organisations. Being awarded the label for the first time are AFS IT Services Estonia, Breakwater Technology, CGI Estonia, the Estonian branch of Checkout Technology Ltd, Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group, VG Estonia (Coolbet), the Education and Youth Authority, Lantmännen Unibake Estonia, Maxima Estonia, the Primend Group, Koeru Nursing Home, Tallinn University, the University of Tartu, Viimsi Municipal Government, Fujitsu Estonia, Interconnect Product Assembly, the Transport Administration, Birkle IT, the Integration Foundation and Fintech Legal Centre (TechIuris). Also being celebrated is the 10th anniversary of the Diversity Charter, which this year is being joined by Elisa Estonia, Bolt, Rimi Estonia Food, Premier Restaurants Estonia, Itella Estonia and Posti Messaging. The presentation of the labels will take place at the Proto Invention Factory at 17:00. 

 The ‘Diverse workplace’ label is awarded to employers who respect equal treatment and inclusive organisational culture and whose efforts in guiding diversity are an example to others. The label reflects an organisation’s dedication to supporting diversity and thereby a better working environment and society. 

 Katrin Markii, the deputy mayor responsible for social issues with Viimsi Municipal Government, which is being awarded the label for the first time this year, says that as organisers of local life, local governments play a leading role in making their communities more caring. “Wanting to help all people regardless of their differences should be a value that everyone working for municipal governments shares,” she said. “That means that we ourselves have to be diverse and supportive of our employees and their differences.” 

 One positive aspect that Markii highlights is that with the label, Viimsi municipality will set an example to all of the other employers in the area as well as to other local governments. “It’s a great honour for us to be the first local government to be awarded the label,” she said. 

 Piret Mårtensson, the head of service and personnel at Kaubamaja AS, says people from different backgrounds bring more knowledge, skills, experience and points of view to an organisation. “They tend to come up with more effective solutions to problems as well,” she added. “Our staff at Kaubamaja are a good mix of men and women, represent different generations and nationalities, some have special needs, and together they form the creative and competitive foundations of our company.” She stresses that in valuing diversity it is vital that a company has the support of its director and management: it cannot merely be a pet project of the HR Department. “Our CEO is one of the greatest advocates and most outspoken supporters of diversity in our company,” she said. “Setting that sort of personal example is really important if you want those values to reach everyone and take root in a company.” 

 The ‘Diverse workplace’ label was created by the Ministry of Social Affairs and is awarded by the Estonian Human Rights Centre. It is valid for two years. This year marks the third time the labels are being awarded. Today’s event will recognise not only first-time recipients of the label but also those who have had the validity of their labels extended, including Telia, Prisma Family Market and Pipedrive. 

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