Equal Treatment Network gathered for a strategy seminar and welcomed a new member

Last week the Equal Treatment Network met yet again to put together a new action plan.

First the participants exchanged ideas and gave feedback on the last two year’s activities. The common position was that the previous working period had been very successful. The main achievement was the submission of a shadow report on the human rights situation in Estonia to the The Universal Periodic Review (UPR). It was the first time that the report was submitted and it was also introduced to foreign countries as well as to the Estonian government and political parties by the network. The members agreed to continue contributing to the UPR and promoting equal treatment as well as find funding for new activities.

The newest member of the network, the URALIC Centre, also participated in the preparation of future plans. Uljana Ponomarjova, the coordinator of the Equal Treatment Network, is confident that URALIC will strengthen the network and provide additional expertise on indigenous issues. (Read the short interview with URALIC Centre’s head Oliver Loode!)

We thank all the participants for a very productive and lovely meeting!
võrdse kohtlemise võrgustiku koosolek
Equal Treatment Network strategy seminar. Photo: Anna-Lisa Aavik

The Equal Treatment Network established in 2013 includes the Estonian Human Rights Centre, Estonian Union for Child Welfare, Estonian Chamber of Disabled People, NGO Oma Tuba/ Feministeerium, Estonian LGBT Association, Estonian Vegan Society, Estonian National Youth Council, Federation of Estonian Student Unions, Estonian Refugee Council, Women’s Support and Information Center, URALIC Centre.

The project is supported by the Active Citizens Fund of EEA Grants, which is operated by Open Estonia Foundation in cooperation with Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organisations.

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