What will 2021 be like for the Estonian Human Rights Centre?

The strategy for the next 4 years as well as the plan of action for 2021, consisting of over 100 different activities, will be confirmed by the Supervisory Council of the Estonian Human Rights Centre already later this month. We shall not list all of the planned activities here, but have highlighted one for each month. Of course, we have to take into consideration that due to the COVID-19 pandemic we may need to change when various events take place.

In January, two new topics will be added to the human rights guide: refugees and hate crime. In February, we will once again start looking for new human rights ambassadors for communities. In the meanwhile, we will commission the next public opinion survey on LGBT topics in cooperation with Turu-uuringute AS (this will be the fifth survey on the topic) and publish the results of the survey in March. In April, we’ll publish a new study programme on preventing prejudice in the workplace. All throughout winter and spring we will all need to keep our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to celebrate Diversity Day in May, which is always full of positivity, as well as have events for World Refugee Day in June. July will mostly be for resting, but we’ll also start the process of writing the new Human Rights Report. In August, the handbook on equal treatment is going to be published. In September, we’ll organise an international conference on hate speech, and in October an international seminar will take place, focusing on the inclusion of refugees on the employment market. In November, we are hoping to welcome new members of the Diversity Charter network. And last but not least, in December, at the end of a busy year, we’re going to publish the newest Human Rights Report.

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It is important to protect everyone’s human rights, because it helps to keep stability and peace in the society. There are many challenges for protection of human rights in Estonia: intolerance has really come out of the closet. Bad things happen when good people are too passive, but together we can make a change.

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