Public call for a script writer on diversity and inclusion


The European Diversity Charters are implementing project Diversity@work. The project is led by Aga Khan Foundation Portugal (AKF Portugal) in cooperation with Equality Strategies (Ireland) and Estonian Centre for Human Rights. The aim of the project is to offer practical suggestions, examples, resources and case studies to foster diversity and inclusion policies and practices among employers.


One of the key outputs of the project will be high quality video materials for the blended learning course on the topic of diversity and inclusion. For this purpose we are looking for a company, person or persons to further develop a script (in English) for short videos on different topics related to diversity issues. The experts working on the project have prepared a base text for the script of videos.

Scope of work

The training consists of 4 modules, each of which has several short videos on definitions and concepts, practical exercises and quizzes. In addition, there is a video (4 min) to introduce the course, its objectives and desired outcomes. Total length of video training is 2 hours. The main target groups of the training are employees, executives, managers, HR partners and other professionals who lead or manage people and processes.

The topics of the modules are the following:

  • Diversity and inclusion(including the topic of business case)
  • Unconscious bias
  • Acknowledging and challenging our biases
  • The discrimination chain

Expected workload of a script writer(s): 8 working days
Expected cost of the service: 3900 EUR
Method of payment: Invoice, including all costs and taxes
Copyright ownership: Made for hire


Have an experience in the field of script writing for videos or short movies;
Have expertise in the field of diversity and inclusion;
Excellent command of English language
Ready to work on the base script text and with the leading partners of the project.

Submission requirements

The company or a person should submit their quotation (price), CV or CV’s or portfolio highlighting criteria given above by November 8, 2019 and be ready to work on the script throughout November 2019. The proposals will be evaluated on November 11, 2019 based on presented experience and cost efficiency.

Information on EU funding

This project is co-funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020). The blended learning training course will be freely accessible for the public.

Further information and submission contact:
Kelly Grossthal
Estonian Human Rights Centre

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