Who may accede to the Charter?
The entities that are expected to accede to the Charter include companies as well as public and third sector organisations.

Why should I accede to the Charter?
Accession to the Charter is voluntary. A company or organisation that accedes to the Charter confirms that they value the principles set out in the text of the Diversity Charter. The text of the Charter can be examined here.

What are the practical aspects of accession?
In order to accede to the Charter, we ask that you at first read through the text of the Diversity Charter and then contact us. As a general rule, the next step is meeting, during which the potential signatory will obtain an overview of the history, nature, and opportunities of the Charter as well as replies to any other possible questions. Once a year a public signing ceremony of the Charter is held, where all companies and organisations that have expressed their wish to accede that year sign the text of the Charter.

What will a signatory gain from joining the Charter?
The companies and organisations that have acceded to the Charter form a network through which they share their best practices and have a say in the diversity and equal treatment issues in society. The Charter also provides their members, free of charge, with opportunities to attend training events, seminars, and workshops as well as to communicate with the best experts of their field.

Do I have to pay for the accession and participation in the network?
Both the accession and participation in events is free of charge for those who have joined the Charter. At the same time all the members can, on request, contribute to better functioning of the network through services free of charge (e.g. premises) and voluntary work (e.g. help organise an event).

Use of logo

Members of the Charter have the right to use the logo of the Charter in their various documents, job-wanted ads, in the course of events, etc. The only criterion is that you should use the logo in the context that is not contrary to the values of the principle of diversity and equal treatment. No separate approval should be obtained from anybody for using the logo. Logos of different colours and formats can be found here.