Mission: We work together for Estonia that respects the human rights of each person.

Vision 2020: Estonian Human Rights Centre is the influential and competent leader of Estonian non-governmental human rights movement.


  1. We follow the same values and principles in our work, which we want the society to adopt. We follow the Code of Ethics of Estonian NGOs.
  2. We are best in what we do. We learn and develop ourselves constantly.
  3. We intervene smartly, when and if we see a good opportunity.
  4. We work together with those who have the same goals as we do (including state authorities, international organisations, local government, companies, NGOs and individuals).
  5. We give everyone the possibility to contribute in our activities in a way that benefits both of us.



Target 2020

We can find and include supporters and motivate them to contribute to achieve common goals. We have contacts with a sufficiently large supporter base in order to have impact. 10 000 people follow actively and regularly our different communication channels. Newsletter is received by 700 people.
Our base funding guarantees our independence by a large number of (regular) donations and diversity of financing sources. We have 500 regular supporters, who give yearly at least 60 000 euros (10 euros per month per person on average).
The organisation is well managed and supports the achievement of our goals. The activities are well organised and planned ahead, including finances. The management of the Centre is accountable and inclusive, employees and volunteers understand their roles and competences and management and financial processes. Employees are aware of the goals, motivated and satisified, which is measured yearly by the results of development interviews..
Feedback from volunteers shows that they know their role and the management and financial processes of the Centre.
We are active and have impact in advocacy. Policymakers and the society take accountof our opinions. We participate successfully in policymaking. We give our input to all policies and draft laws in which we have competence and capacity to do so.
We have mapped and established regular communcation with relevant stakeholders in Estonia.
We use all advocacy tools, appropriately and proportionally, including strategic litigation. We have a plan (including a communication plan) and competent leaders to achieve each advocacy goal.
We are well known and contribute to advancement of human rights also outside of Estonia. We contribute actively in the work of networks and organisations that work in the area of human rights in European, global and national levels.