• Kelly Grossthal

European NGOs have been monitoring the spread of hate speech on social media for years and the approach of social media platforms to removing hate. The Human Rights Centre participates as a partner in the SafeNet project, which continues previous efforts more ambitiously: the circle of participating NGOs has increased, and almost all European countries are involved. The lead partner of the project is INACH, an international network fighting against hate speech on the internet, with 21 NGOs from across Europe involved

During the project, the partners, following a unified methodology, collect information about various forms of hate speech and check whether and how social media platforms comply with both their own rules and the agreement with the European Commission.

In addition to monitoring hate speech, various analyses will be conducted during the project, which will provide an overview of the main target groups and dominant narratives of hate prevailing in the participating countries and the EU. In addition, the partners will receive training related to the topic and contribute to various advocacy activities related to hate both in their own countries and internationally.