• Egert Rünne
  • Kelly Grossthal

The goal of the project is to enhance a web-based tool for human rights education.

The general aim of the project is to increase the awareness and tolerance of the Estonian population. Through the platform, every individual can assess their own situation, identify human rights violations, or simply learn about their rights. The guide is not only helpful in individual cases, but also plays a crucial role in influencing and improving the overall human rights situation. The guide focuses on the most problematic areas: the functioning of the judiciary, non-citizens, poor governance, conditions in closed institutions, LGBT, general and domestic violence.

The e-guide is intended for a wide audience, helping all people understand their rights, but also, for example, educational institutions, non-profit organization employees, and social workers. In summary, a user-friendly aid and learning material that is freely available online to everyone will be created.