A Record Number of Employers Applied for the “Respecting Differences” Label

Yesterday marked the end of another application period for the diverse workplace label “Respecting Differences.” The label, aimed at companies, public sector organizations, and NGOs, received 70 applications, setting a record for the most applications in its history.

“The record number of applications shows that the label’s recognition and reputation have grown year by year among employers, and noticing and considering people’s differences is becoming a more natural part of work culture,” celebrates Helen Talalaev, the head of the diversity and inclusion department at the Estonian Human Rights Centre (EHRC). “The list of applicants for the label is wonderfully varied, including ministries and large corporations as well as smaller businesses and NGOs.”

All Estonian organizations that value their employees, regardless of their differences and characteristics, can apply for the “Respecting Differences” label. It is both a recognition and a development opportunity for employers who value diversity and strive to create an inclusive work environment. The focus topics for this application round were the gender pay gap, discrimination in the workplace, and goal-setting for activities.

Successful applicants will be awarded the label at the end of May, and it will be valid for two years.

The “Respecting Differences” label is issued by EHRC in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. The first labels were awarded in 2018, and today 49 employers hold the label.

For more information, contact Helen Talalaev, head of the diversity and inclusion department at EHRC (helen.talalaev@humanrights.ee).




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