Encouraging Reporting of Harassment Incidents: A Guideline for Action

The Estonian Human Rights Centre begins its recently developed anti-harassment guide with the words, “The Estonian Human Rights Centre stands for every person’s right to be protected from harassment and exploitation, regardless of their background, expression, situation, or identity.” The aim of this guide is to guide every center employee and partner in recognizing and responding adequately to instances of harassment. Although standing up against harassment and exploitation may be considered a given in the Centre’s daily activities, it is our greater responsibility not to deviate from these principles.

The Estonian Human Rights Centre encounters individuals at risk of exploitation nearly every day. Whether it’s a refugee or someone belonging to another vulnerable group, those who turn to the Centre often find themselves in precarious situations beyond their control. It is important that they feel safe when seeking advice or assistance. The guide explains how to file a complaint about harassment committed by an Estonian Human Rights Centre employee or partner, how it is processed, and what the outcome may be.

“The anti-harassment guide also protects employees by fostering trust in the employer, setting boundaries and expectations, and encouraging victims to speak out about their experiences. We believe that in a perceived safe working environment, employees are more satisfied, productive, and engaged,” says the Centre’s director, Egert Rünne. “I hope this serves as an example to other NGOs so that everyone’s rights are protected.”

The Estonian Human Rights Centre’s anti-harassment guide applies to both center employees and partners. The guide, along with the complaint submission form, is available on the Centre’s website. If you have personally experienced or witnessed harassment committed by an Estonian Human Rights Centre employee or partner, please report it or seek assistance from the police and/or emergency services.

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