In Diversity Month 2023, Personal Stories Build Invisible Bridges across Estonia

This year’s focus for Diversity Month is on people like you – ordinary, friendly, stubborn, clever, vulnerable, diverse. We celebrate diversity within and around us by telling stories throughout May in various locations and formats. We invite everyone in their organization or social circle to pay attention to diversity. Stay tuned and celebrate with us!

This year, we encourage a broader interpretation of diversity. Even the “most ordinary” person plays many different roles throughout their life, collects vastly different experiences, and feels a wide range of emotions. “Sharing experiences creates moments of recognition that create common ground – a feeling that, in addition to our differences, we have a lot in common. Stories create bridges between people,” says Helen Talalaev, diversity expert and leader of Diversity Month at the Human Rights Centre.

Six exhibitions in three different cities

Our call to share meaningful moments from one’s life received responses from all over Estonia. The exhibition “Invisible Bridges” brings the stories to viewers in Tallinn at Freedom Square, Solaris Centre, Balti Jaam Market; in Tartu at Aparaaditehas; in Narva at Vaba Lava Theatre Centre cafe and Tartu University Narva College, as well as on the Estonian Human Rights Centre’s Facebook (link), LinkedIn (link), and Instagram (link) accounts. More detailed information on the locations, dates, and other events during Diversity Month (link to FB event).

Celebrate with us!

We invite all employers – including businesses, schools, libraries, and the public sector – as well as communities and friend groups to celebrate Diversity Month by dedicating an event to recognizing and valuing diversity. We have prepared a diversity-themed quiz (link), bingo games (link) for both the work environment and everyday life, and a list of books (in Estonian, link) that explore diversity from various perspectives to share with anyone interested. Wishing everyone a fun and meaningful Diversity Month!

Since you are here...

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