Every click counts! Check out new awareness raising videos about online data protection

The Estonian Human Rights Center has created awareness raising videos to remind everyone of the importance of data protection in today’s information society. The three videos explain the nature of online data protection and provide advice on how to prevent privacy breaches.

Mari-Liis Vähi, a lawyer at the Human Rights Center, said that the motivation to create the campaign was driven by the fact that Estonian society in general lacks knowledge and habits related to privacy and data protection. “We need to be more aware of what is being done with our data and regain control over it. In addition, the myth that ordinary people have nothing to fear and hide when sharing information on the Internet needs to be broken,” said Vähi.

At the same time, the awareness raising videos remind us that clicks and actions online have consequences for us, just like they do in our physical life. Human rights, including the right to privacy, also apply online and their protection needs the attention in our society. “Digital rights are an evolving field in which the Center increasingly contributes. The videos help to open the topic and raise people’s awareness,” said Egert Rünne, the director of the Estonian Center for Human Rights.

The awareness raising videos were created in cooperation with the Estonian Center for Human Rights, Telia, Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate, Estonian Union for Child Welfare, Luminate and NJORD Law Firm and have been produced by the media agency Vaas. The videos are in Estonian with Estonian, Russian and English subtitles and can be viewed on the YouTube page of Estonian Center for Human Rights.

The Estonian Human Rights Center is an independent non-governmental organization. Its mission is to make Estonia a country which respects the human rights of every person.

The center has been operating in the field of data protection and digital law since June 2021 and in addition to raising people’s awareness, they provide free consultations for everyone on data protection each Tuesday.

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