A guide for employers on diversity management in times of crisis

Organisations that continue contributing to diversity and inclusion will be better able to cope with difficulties and recover from various crises. What and how to keep in mind can be read in the practical handbook on diversity management in crisis, produced as part of project “Diversity at Work”.

Diversity management is a tool for creating a resilient organisation

Today, diversity and inclusion (D&I) is one of the most important areas in organisational strategies and not only in human resource management, but at different levels of decision-making. The corona crisis has highlighted social inequalities and exacerbated the situation of people in socio-economic difficulties. For employers, this time has been a place to rethink values ​​and working principles. Among other things, this has meant the introduction of various digital solutions, enabling remote work, supporting work-life balance, and so on. More and more organisations are realising that tackling diversity and inclusion is a key factor in business resilience, innovation and profit.

In collaboration, ten European Diversity Charters have produced an online guide on why and how to focus on diversity and inclusion in difficult times. The handbook Diversity and Inclusion in times of global crisis is a tool for employers who want to support their team and look for solutions to better prepare for future crises. The guidance material is useful both for those who want to make significant strategic changes and for employers who want to gain additional knowledge, inspiration and tools for more skilled diversity management in their organisation.

The “Diversity at Work” project (2019–2021) was co-funded by the European Commission and led by the Estonian Human Rights Centre, the Aga Khan Foundation (Portugal) and Equality Strategies (Ireland).

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