Celebrating the Day of Families

Let’s celebrate the Day of Families and say hello with #tereminuperelt (“hello from my family”)!

15 May is the International Day of Families. It was created by the UN in 1993 as a platform to talk about the different families of the world and the topics that are important to families. But even without this, it’s still nice to celebrate Family Day!

This year, several organizations in Estonia invite you to celebrate the day with us. How, you might ask?

  • Thinking about our own families: who it is, what it means to us, how the bunch got together. There are no wrong answers.

  • Talking with our families about families that are different from ours, but might, nevertheless, have some surprising traits in common.

  • Sharing the stories and the faces of our families and inviting others to join in. For example, on social media, you can add #tereminuperelt or #perepäev (family day) to your posts.

  • You can also celebrate the Day of Families at school. In fact, the Equal Treatment Network, along with the anti-bullying organization Kiusamisvaba Kool, the Estonian Refugee Council, and the Gay Christians Association have reached out to schools in Estonia, inviting them to celebrate this day and thus create a supportive and safe environment for all children to talk about their families.

Let’s spend a nice family day and say hello to the world!

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