The most successful year yet!

2019 was noteworthy for Estonian Human Rights Centre in many ways: additional to celebrating our 10th birthday, the other figures that reflect what we do, have also gotten bigger than ever. Take a look at the recap.

EIK recap 1

Throughout the year, we provided legal counselling to asylum seekers and refugees as well as to the victims of discrimination. 13 strategic cases related to the field of asylum made their way to the court. Thanks to our donors, we were also able to work on 9 strategic cases in the field of equal treatment. Two of them got a positive solution in court, the rest are still in process.

We conducted research on 10 different topics including minority rights, discrimination, Romas, and hate crime. Some examples being a public poll on LGBT topics and an overall report “Human rights in Estonia 2020”.


EIK recap 2

Practically on every second month, we held a training for whether our own team (video, podcast, public speaking) or for others (data protection, diversity, hate speech). All together 6 trainings. We organised 12 seminars and other public events. Over 400 people took part in our events about freedom of speech, hate speech, diversity at workplace, values etc.

EIK recap 3

Our employees were abroad 38 times to meet with partner organisations in order to gather experiences, share knowledge, and create new cooperation possibilities.

During the year, an average of 5,6 full-time employees were constantly engaged and working on 14 different projects out of which, seven were international and seven Estonian projects.

Human rights issues also occurred often in media coverage. EHRC wrote 13 opinion pieces and was mentioned 220 in media. We also recorded ten podcast episodes.


EIK recap 4

21 new organisations signed the Diversity Charter and there are now all together 113 organisations in the network. Diversity Day in spring was celebrated by 29 organisations with in-house trainings or coffee mornings, and Diversity Day specials were offered in 47 cafés and restaurants by 25 organisations all over Estonia.

EIK recap 5

In 2019, the support for EHRC’s work was also remarkable. It’s a real joy, that our work is appreciated more and more every year. We have more recurring donors, and the donations have doubled.

The donations have a direct and very considerable effect on the work of EHRC and the protection of human rights in Estonia.

Only thanks to the donors we could publish the report “Human rights in Estonia 2020”, as well as help Marina and Jelena, and many others. Thanks to the continuous support we can keep on fighting for more fair and just Estonia also in the new year.

Thank you for supporting human rights and donating to Estonian Human Rights Centre!

Since you are here...

It is important to protect everyone’s human rights, because it helps to keep stability and peace in the society. There are many challenges for protection of human rights in Estonia: intolerance has really come out of the closet. Bad things happen when good people are too passive, but together we can make a change.

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