Mapping of the impact of technology to human rights

In autumn 2019, Liina Rajaveer and Kari Käsper investigated the impact of technology to human rights in Estonia.
In December, ECHR published a preliminary mapping, which intended to:

  • get a better understanding of the digital rights topics, threats and possibilities in Estonia,
  • get an overview of the important actors in terms of people and institutions,
  • raise awareness of Estonian Human Rights Centre as a human rights advocate and centre of expertise,
  • get a deeper understanding of three topics: profiling and the state, applying the GDPR, and freedom of expression online.

The mapping is based on desk research on important documents, but mostly on the summaries of the interviews with 19 individuals who deal with digital rights related topics: lawyers, entrepreneurs, officials, civil society activists, researchers, and a journalist.

The mapping was completed thanks to the financial support from the Civil Liberties Union for Europe’s “Digital Empowerment of Members” project, which is supported by the Ford Foundation. The mapping does not reflect the views of Liberties or the Ford Foundation.