Together with other NGOs, we wrote to EU Member States on privacy regulation

European human rights, privacy and digital rights organisations call EU Member States to adopt a strong ePrivacy Regulation by end of 2018 that aligns with and strengthens the protections foreseen in the GDPR. Some Member States seem willing to prioritise the narrow business interests of, a small number of major online companies over fundamental rights of individuals and trust to the European online economy as a whole.

Not concluding or undermining the objectives of the reform creates signi cant risks for individuals’ rights to privacy, freedom of expression and trust in the online economy. The risks have been brought into sharp focus recently. The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal shows that abusive, trust-corrosive practices must be robustly tackled with clear rules.

28 European human rights, privacy and digital rights organisations signed the open letter, including Estonian Human Rights Centre

Read the full letter (PDF)…

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