The 8th EU Diversity Charters Annual Forum titled “Diversity and Leadership in A World in Flux” in Tallinn

The 8th EU Diversity Charters Annual Forum titled “Diversity and Leadership in A World in Flux” takes place in the framework of the Estonian presidency of the Council of the European Union in Tallinn on Monday and Tuesday and will focus on the challenges of leading diversity in a whirlwind of changes both in Europe and in the world.
“The conference will deal with diversity in the light of the working environment and leadership practices,” equal treatment expert at the Estonian Human Rights Center Kelly Grossthal told BNS. “For example, Deloitte — human capital trends report — this spring introduced this year’s human capital trends and among them was the need to deal with developing diversity and inclusion policies. Younger generations assess and choose employers according to their stance on differences and universal topics. According to the Deloitte report, empathy, creativity and humane skills are more important than ever for a successful employer in a working environment and leadership practices.”

This is the eighth such Europe-wide conference, the focus earlier has been on links between diversity and business profit, needs of the labor market, an ageing Europe, avoiding discrimination, the role of the public sector in promoting diversity and inclusion and many other topics.

The key presentation on the first day of the conference will be made by Marju Lauristin, professor at the University of Tartu, who will present her vision of the processes that have lately been taking place in the world and in Europe, on one hand a number of polarizing political and value-based conflicts, on the other internationalization and fast developments in information technology.

On the second day of the conference, a longer presentation on the world’s migration trends and challenges will be given by Patrick Taran, president of Global Migration Policy Associates, a global think tank that brings together the world’s best experts in the field of migration and refugees.

Other speakers include heads and representatives of a number of enterprises, who through practical examples will explain why respecting the differences of people is important to them and how the topic is connected to management and real business profit. For example, Helen Tynan, director of people operations at Google, will give a speech on the theme panel concerning women and leadership. Sari Brody, who is responsible for diversity and inclusion approach at IKEA, will give a presentation on the leadership changes panel.

The conference is also the EU Diversity Charters Annual Forum which along with a number of experts from various fields will discuss developments, trends and concerns in the field of diversity and inclusion.

The conference to be held in Tallinn is organized by the European Commission, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Estonian Human Rights Center and the EU Diversity Charters.

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