More than 100 people contributed to help protect human rights

Our donation campaign of this summer came to a close last week. We received a total of 5400 euros as donations, 985 euros came in from regular donations and 4415 as one-time donations. We got over 100 one-time donations to help support our efforts. There was also an increase in monthly donations, which is an even bigger sign that what we do, matters. Over the summer, several new volunteers have joined the Human Rights Centre to donate their time, and have helped us to do things better, faster and more creatively.

When we started our donation campaign, we had set ourselves two goals: to collect 3000€ to pay the rent for our office space until the end of the year, and 3000€ more to start on the human rights report of this year.

It only took 15 days to reach our first goal, but during the second half of the campaign, things started to slow down. Now that it has come to a close, we couldn’t be happier and more thankful to all the good people who helped us reach 90% of our optimistic goal.

Why donations?

Since 95% of our funding is project-based, we’re not always able to cover additional expenses like renting an office space and we can’t adapt to situational changes fast enough. The human rights report is one of our main activities, but publishing it with state funding might inflence its indepence (or the perception of it). Last year, we weren’t able to publish the report due to lack of funds, so it’s even more important that we manage it this year.

The report „Human Rights in Estonia 2016-2017“ has taken off and it will be presented on Human Rights Day, December 10.

Since you are here...

It is important to protect everyone’s human rights, because it helps to keep stability and peace in the society. There are many challenges for protection of human rights in Estonia: intolerance has really come out of the closet. Bad things happen when good people are too passive, but together we can make a change.

Estonian Human Rights Centre is the competent, accountable and impactful independent human rights organisation in Estonia. Your recurring or one-time donation helps to stand up for human rights everywhere: in courts, in the media, in schools, in the workplace, on the streets and in governmental venues.

Donating is easy, and you can use your credit card if donating from abroad.

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