Estonian Diversity Charter welcomes new members, first two ministries join

Eight additional organizations have signed on to the Estonian Diversity Charter, which now unites 68 members in the spirit of diversity and equal treatment. This year’s new members are AdCash, Estonian Chamber of Disabled People, the Ministry of Culture, MTÜ Helpific, SEB Bank, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Teater NO99 and TransferWise. For the first time ever, two Estonian ministries joined the Charter.

The Diversity Charter is a value-based document where companies and public sector organizations pledge to uphold the principles of diversity and equal treatment among employees, customers and cooperation partners.

The members make up a network for spreading and sharing best practices and organizing trainings and conferences. “As a network, we want to contribute to shaping an Estonia where tolerant, inclusive and discrimination-free work environments are the universal norm. The precondition for this is respect for differences: an environment where different ideas, experiences, skills and people are welcome,” said Diversity Charter coordinator, Kelly Grossthal.

The Diversity Charter was started in 2012 by the Tallinn University of Technology law school and the first 17 companies to join. The charter-related activities are currently coordinated by the Estonian Human Rights Centre. The centre is an independent human rights advocacy NGO dedicated to the advancement of protection of human rights in Estonia and abroad.

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