Training seminar on equal treatment

Institute of Baltic Studies, Tallinn University Institute of International and Social Studies and Estonian Human Rights Centre invite you to take part in the training seminar Promoting equal treatment and fighting discrimination.

Equal treatment is one of the cornerstones of modern liberal democratic system and is one of the fundamental rights of each citizen of European Union. The seminar focuses on presenting the legal regulations and their implementations, the policies and practices of Estonia and other EU Member States on equal treatment. The seminar is targeted at experts, analysts, researchers and the citizens who are interested in the promotion of equal rights and anti-discrimination. We aim to increase the awareness about the situation on equal treatment in Estonia among key stakeholders and citizens alike.

Seminar consists of two parts:
I Training session that focuses on the right to equal treatment and the methods to fight discrimination. As discrimination hinders normal development and dynamics of everyday life, preventing unequal treatment and offering solutions on how to resolve these situations is a crucial challenge. Thus the focus will be put on how to recognize, prevent and resolve the possible incidents of unequal treatment and discrimination. The training will be carried out by the Estonian Human Rights Centre.

II Presentation and discussion of the study on equal treatment in the labour market based on ethnicity, race and nationality Estonia and EU Member States. This section will focus on presenting the results of the study and discussion of the issues on equal treatment and discrimination on the labour market in Estonia. The study included a nation-wide quantitative survey and set of interviews with various experts in Estonia on equal treatment and discrimination. Good practices from UK, Germany, Sweden and Finland were mapped and analysed and will be presented during the seminar. The study was carried out by the Institute of Baltic Studies (IBS) and Tallinn University Institute of International and Social Studies (RASI).

The seminar is free of charge but pre-registration required. You can register here.

Seminar in Tallinn takes place on Wednesday (November 6 at 4 p.m) at Pikk street 73 (Lastekirjanduse keskus / Estonian Children’s Literature Centre).

There is also a possibility to attend the seminar in Russian, on the 16th of November in Kohtla-Järve or on the19th of November in Tallinn. For more information and registration, please see

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