The purpose of the report is to provide a general overview of events in protection of human rights in 2011 in various domains. The authors of this research chose specific topics that were afforded greater media attention. Some topics were chosen by the authors with the intent of drawing attention to situations that have not enjoyed wide attention before in Estonia.

Freely available public information from various sources has been used upon drawing up of this report, including annual statements of state agencies, reports and opinions of non-governmental organisations and international organizations, as well as materials gathered by HRC. The sources have been analyzed independently and critically; and the report has not been submitted for approval by any of the state agencies prior to publication. A diverse material from state agencies, international organizations and non-governmental organizations has been used as source material, as well as compared analytically where possible.

Chapters of Annual Report of the Estonian Human Rights Centre 2011:

Chapter 1 – Prohibition of torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

Chapter 2 – Prohibition of slavery and forced labour

Chapter 3 – Right to personal liberty

Chapter 4 – Right to a fair trial

Chapter 5 – Right to respect for family and private life

Chapter 6 – Freedom of expression

Chapter 7 – Right to freedom of peaceful assembly

Chapter 8 – Prohibition of discrimination

Chapter 9 –  Right to free elections

Chapter 10 – Situation of National Minorities

Chapter 11 –  The situation of LGBT persons

Chapter 12 –  Situation of refugees and asylum seekers

Chapter 13 – Protection of rights of persons with disabilities in Estonia


The report is available (in PDF format) in Estonianin English ja in Russian.