The Human Rights Centre contributes to solving society’s digital and data
protection bottlenecks.

If you feel that the use of your personal data has violated your right to the integrity of your family and private life, or you have any other concerns regarding digital rights, please contact us. We offer free initial advice on how to stop the infringement, what claims to make and where to go to protect your rights.

Contact us, for example, if:

  • your medical data is publicly available from the database of a state or
    medical institution,
  • your social media data has been leaked,
  • the state authority will not release information to you about the data
    collected about you,
  • the state has kept your data longer than permitted or issued them to
    third parties without permission.

Send an e-mail to, explaining the problem in
more detail. You can also call the centre’s number +372 644 5148.

Strategic litigation

Strategic litigation stands for the resolution of socially significant cases through judicial or extrajudicial proceedings. This can be done in civil, criminal as well as administrative cases. The aim of strategic litigation is always to influence the quality of law and of its implementation through individual and carefully selected cases. It is one of the advocacy methods.

For such socially significant cases, we are ready to assist you in turning to the court and also during the subsequent court proceedings. We support the person in need throughout the process and explain the legal aspects of the dispute.

Legal assistance is provided by the center’s lawyers and experienced attorneys.

Our services are free of charge.

Read more about the field of strategic litigation and our cases.