Russian refugee family adoption case

Russian LGBT+ activists and protesters against the Russian government sought asylum in Estonia, fearing persecution in their home country. They were granted refugee status by the Estonian state, recognising their risk of persecution in Russia. Driven by the desire to ensure a sense of security and legal protection for their young daughter, one partner filed a petition in court to adopt their spouse’s child. Based on the judgment of the Estonian courts, adoption was not possible due to a treaty between the Republic of Estonia and the Russian Federation, according to which adoption should be carried out under Russian law.

The court case raised important issues regarding refugee rights, human rights and international treaties applicable to the Estonian judicial system.

The court case went through several instances, from the refusal of the court of first instance to the denial of the appeal by the circuit court to the Supreme Court rejecting the appeal.

The clients were represented by attorneys-at-law Liisa Linna and Katarina Talumäe (Law Firm Liverte).

Read the detailed information of the case in Estonian.

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