• Egert Rünne
  • Kelly Grossthal

The keyword of the project is ‘sustainability’. The continuation of the 2017 project consists of an equal treatment network, strategic litigation, the Diversity Charter and Diversity Day. These actions help to promote the principles of equal treatment and diversity to Estonian society as a whole and to protect all people from unequal treatment.

The aims of the project are:

  1. To raise awareness among the Estonian public about equal treatment and future challenges
  2. To empower people to seek help in the case of potential unequal treatment
  3. To shape the legal environment in regard to equal treatment
  4. To bring together civil associations that work in the field of equal treatment in order to share and analyse information that allows for the efficient and constructive promotion of the topic in Estonia
  5. To bring together private- and public-sector organisations through the Diversity Charter and Diversity Day
  6. To boost the competence of Human Rights Centre employees and participants in the project in regard to equal treatment and strategic litigation.
  7. To research and analyse people’s attitudes towards the rights of LGBT people.