• Egert Rünne

Based on previous fruitful cooperation between the project partners Estonian Human Rights Centre (EHRC, Estonia) and Organisasjonen mot offentlig diskriminering (OMOD, Norway), the project aims to deepen cooperation by way of mutual learning regarding successful strategies in combating incitement to hatred and intolerance and racial discrimination in Estonia. OMOD has been successful specifically in the prevention of ethnic and racial hatred, which is one of the areas in need of strengthening for EHRC and Estonian civil society as a whole. As OMOD representatives have visited Tallinn in the frames of the previous project, which initiated the cooperation, the project entails a visit to Oslo by key EHRC staff to have a joint seminar with OMOD staff, visit the Norwegian ombudsman and others.

It is expected that the project will result in enhanced capacity for EHRC to strategically tackle incitement to hatred and intolerance. Three EHRC staff related to equal treatment issues have received valuable knowledge regarding strategies to combat racial discrimination (such as ethnic profiling). Cooperation between OMOD and EHRC has been deepened, which can result in further common projects in the field of fighting discrimination and radicalism.