• Egert Rünne

The aim of this project is to create a web-based tool to educate people on human rights.

The general aim of the project is to raise awareness and tolerance among Estonians. Through the platform, the user can evaluate their own circumstances, recognise human rights violations or simply learn about their own rights. The guide is not only helpful for individual cases, but also for influencing and improving the general human rights situation. The guide focuses on the most problematic areas: the judicial system, non-citizens, bad governance, conditions in secure facilities, LGBT issues and both general and domestic violence.

Under each topic the reader will find out:

  • how to recognise a potential violation of human rights;
  • what the procedures and norms are for judicial procedures at the national, European Union and international levels;
  • what the alternative solutions are in the absence of laws or procedures;
  • what the moral obligations are of the state and related persons.

The e-guide is meant for a wide audience so as to help all people know their rights, but also for educational institutions, NGO employees and social workers. In conclusion, a user-friendly and freely available study guide is being created for the web.