Project to Raise Awareness about the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

In collaboration with the Civil Liberties Union for Europe (LIBERTIES), we are commencing a project in September aimed at examining whether and to what extent Estonian lawyers and judges within their work utilize the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, while also providing thematic training sessions. Additionally, we will establish a section on our website dedicated to introducing the Charter.

The Charter serves as a valuable addition to the European Convention on Human Rights, bolstering the protection of fundamental rights within the European Union, thus rendering our rights more visible and comprehensible. Its usage within legal proceedings at the European Union level is steadily increasing. It is crucial that experts within the realm of Estonian law also make more extensive use of the Charter for safeguarding fundamental rights. The planned activities contribute to this goal.

The project will span for a year and is funded by the European Commission.

Learn more about the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.


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