Mindthehate.com – a webpage that teaches to communicate hate-free

Within the international project “OpCode” the webpage www.mindthehate.com was created. It contains a ton of information on hate speech and research that has been done on the topic. In addition, you can find recommendations for all walks of life on how to communicate hate free.

In 2020-2021 the Estonian Human Rights Centre collaborated in the project with NGOs from Slovakia, Spain, Romania, and Poland to research different topics that hate speech has the most impact on. We wrote reviews on sexist hate speech forms of occurrence, xenophobia in various countries, the effects of COVID-19, and the spread of anti-semitic hate speech in society. In addition, the social media monitoring carried out by the OpCode project showed that most of the illegal hate speech occurs towards the LGBT+ community, jews, and national minorities.

The webpage also includes recommendations compiled by communication and law experts on hate-free communication with the public and minorities. Politicians who have a massive role in the peaceful growth of society can find helpful tips on how to avoid hate both in their campaigns and daily communications. The experts also came up with recommendations for social media users and those whose work is communications and public relations. The recommendations have also been translated into Estonian, and we encourage everyone who thinks human rights education is essential to use them.

Young people, parents, teachers, youth workers, and NGOs will find a resource subpage, where we have collected info about other organisations’ and institutions’ initiatives. For example, you can find study materials for young people on the harmful impacts of hate speech and training on how to stand against hate using positive examples.

Read more at www.mindthehate.com! 

The webpage is part of the OpCode project, co-funded by the European Commission’s rights, equality and citizenship program (2014–2020) and to the extent of the Estonian Civil Society’s endowment of 9000 euros.

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