More and more employers value diversity

Today, November 24, seven organisations will join the Diversity Charter. The value-based agreement is signed by Compensa Life Insurance, DHL Logistics, Inission, Football Club Tallinna Kalev, Fintech Legal Center, Solis Biodyne and YFU Eesti. Together with the new members, the Estonian Diversity Charter network includes 147 employers, who are brought together by a common interest in the success achieved through a work culture that respects differences, innovative ideas and diverse experiences.

A Diversity Charter is a voluntary agreement by which a company, non-governmental organisation or public sector organisation affirms that it respects the diversity of people and values ​​the principle of equal treatment among its employees, customers and partners. Joined organisations know that a more diverse workforce and inclusive, people-centred management benefit the organisation and all the people who work there.

“Valuing and including diversity is a concern for us. Without diversity, half of our football club would not be as it is today, and we feel that this is one of the foundations of the club’s sustainability. Joining the charter is a confirmation to the members of the club that they are safe here,” said Diana Tagaväli, CEO of the football club Tallinna Kalev, which joins the diversity charter today. By creating a work environment that takes into account diversity, the charter organisations contribute to a society where everyone feels good.

According to Fredrik Berghel, CEO and owner of Inission, who will also sign the agreement today, the core values ​​of their company are trust, accuracy, flexibility and an open attitude. “It is important that we are professional and can be trusted. That is why we use core values ​​as a guide in everything we do, including shaping the company’s culture. This is something we at Inission do every day. Our company employs people from very different backgrounds and joining the diversity charter gives us the opportunity to interact with other similar companies and share experiences,” added Berghel.

All the organisations in the various fields of activity that have joined the Diversity Charter form a network to share their experiences of diversity management and to promote equal treatment in society.

The charter joining event today is virtual and everyone interested in diversity topics is welcome to participate. At the event, the story of one of Estonia’s largest IT employers, Playtech, that is recognised with the Diverse Workplace label, will be heard. HR Director Triin Sikkal talks about why and how they deal with diversity and inclusion.

The Diversity Charter was launched in Estonia in 2012, and similar diversity networks operate in 26 European countries. In Estonia, the activities related to the agreement are coordinated by the Estonian Human Rights Centre.

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