Mari-Liis, the Center’s new lawyer: “I like to care”

In August, Mari-Liis Vähi, a lawyer in the field of digital rights and data protection, started working at the Human Rights Center. We are excited to introduce our new lovely colleague to the supporters of the Center.

Mari-Liis is grateful that by working at the Center, she contributes to human rights and the creation of a fairer and more caring Estonia. “I like to care – that means I like to do what I care about and care about what I do. A greater, broader value to society and humanity is something that makes me act and go an extra mile,” she said.

Jurist Mari-Liis Vähi portree
Human Rights Centre’s new lawyer Mari-Liis Vähi

Mari-Liis believes that the information society has both positive and negative effects on human rights. She is certain that digital rights and data protection are important in protecting human rights. “I am excited that I will be shaping such an important and interesting field in the Human Rights Centre,” said Mari-Liis.

“During my legal studies, I became most fascinated by international law and human rights, especially the in our rapidly developing world constantly evolving digital rights. My studies and previous work experience have fully supported my development in this field,” said Mari-Liis, who has graduated from the School of Law of University of Tartu.

Mari-Liis maalimas
In leisure time, Mari-Liis enjoys making art

In addition, Mari-Liis studied for a semester at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. She has had an internship at the Estonian Mission to the UN, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Police and Border Guard Board and participated in the Telders International Law Moot  Competition. In her previous job at the cyber security company CybExer Technologies, Mari-Liis worked as a legal advisor. There, in addition to day-to-day legal matters, she also engaged in the development of strategic cyber exercises.

Welcome to the team, dear Mari-Liis!

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