Withdrawing inconsiderately from the convention on human rights is a slippery slope

Estonia has informed the European Council it has activated Article 15 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which provides an opportunity to partly restrict freedoms, including religious freedoms and freedom of expression, to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

Human rights centre disapproves, that the state has sent the notice to the council and has not explained its action to the people of Estonia. In a society that respects human rights, the state has to explain thoroughly its decisions and standpoints of not following the articles of the convention on human rights.

In his opinion piece, the centre’s executive director Egert Rünne wrote, that instead of widely restricting the human rights, the state should put all its energy towards taking care of its people at the moment.

“Human rights and core freedoms won’t disappear or lose their importance during crises and restricting these should always remain as the last step taken only, when there’s no other choice,” he says.

Estonia has informed European Council of its withdrawal from the European Convention on Human rights. When done quietly, without thorough explanation, it can raise questions and show many danger signs.

(Full article in Estonian in ERR)

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